How to Get your Horse on the Bit (Without Pulling)

The 6 MUST KNOWS for Perfect Trot To Center Transitions

Overcoming your FEAR on a Spooky Horse (The Journey)

Fearless Coaching Session

The 3 BIGGEST Mistakes Riders make in Sitting Trot

DMA Exclusive Foundation Pilates Exercise to Achieve a Stable Position in the Saddle

The Three BIGGEST Mistakes Beginner Riders make

My Mother Always Told Me…That Happiness was the Key to LIFE

How to Use No Stirrups to Improve your Seat

Dressage Explained

Q&A with Our Theory Mastermind

Safely Hacking Your Horse (1st Time Out)

How to get your Horse Softer in the Bridle

Cleaning and Setting Up a Stable

How To Get A Fancy Trot

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